Pair Your Gift Of A Longboard With These Items To Keep Your Teen Safe

If your teenager's birthday is rapidly approaching and he or she has asked for a longboard, the right research online or in a local shop will help you to find the perfect model of longboard to give. As a caring parent, you may be a little anxious about your teen rolling down the road on this device — and, even if he or she is careful, the reality is that crashes can certainly occur during the learning phase. Read More 

Two Tips For First-Time Campers

According to science, being around nature is good for your health, and one way you can spend a little quality time with the trees and animals is by camping. If you've never participated in this outdoor activity, however, it can be intimidating figuring out what you need and what to do. Here are two tips to help get you started. Purchase the Essentials, Rent the Rest It may be tempting to go to the nearest retailer that sells outdoor equipment and fill your cart with the entire camping aisle. Read More 

5 Activities And Events That Will Make You Want To Join A Country Club

There are numerous benefits of joining a country club, namely the activities and events that are offered for the entire family. If you have ever wondered what is typical on a country club agenda, there are amenities such as golf, tennis, swimming and fitness. In addition, there are social activities, dance programs, arts and crafts and more. Most country clubs offer membership specials and packages for the entire family. Here are 5 activities and events that may inspire you to join up: Read More 

The Right Rod And Reel Can Add A Little Enjoyable “Fighting” To Bass Fishing

Everyone loves a good fight -- at least this is true when casting a line out into a lake hoping to real in a large mouth or small mouth bass. These fish do put up a great fight as they are both predators known for aggression. Having the right rod and reel combo is a must when hoping to battle it out with a bass. Perhaps going a little light with a fishing rod and line would be a nice strategy for those who do not want things to end up being too easy. Read More 

Four Tips For Beginning Sports Memorabilia Collectors

Whether you're an avid sports fan or just looking to expand your investment portfolio, sports memorabilia is a hot market. Here are four tips to help you start building your collection. Patience Is A Virtue It can take a lot of time and research to find just what you are looking for. Scour eBay and other online sites; there are plenty of football, basketball, and baseball cards for sale online. Get to know what each merchant tends to deal in and what is popular. Read More